The emotions we have had over the past few days about the horrors happening in our homeland are often too much to handle.

As Jews, we have a very personal relationship with Israel. We have friends and family who live there. We mourn the destruction of a place many of us have visited and filled our minds and hearts with beautiful memories.

We are all very concerned about the welfare of those we love and the Israeli population. With each horrific video and story we see, we are once again reminded of the evil in our world and often feel helpless.

We look at the current state of our community at home and the amount of antisemitism that spews hate on highway overpasses and roadside displays. We turn to our leaders and our law enforcement and security to protect us, but we still debate if we and our families are safe at our homes, our offices, our schools and our synagogues.

For our seniors living in our communities, these emotions that you and I feel are exacerbated significantly. Many already feel isolated and separated from those whom they love. Many cannot travel to be with family in these trying times. Many long for their traditions and the ability to pray at the temple, but do not have transportation.

In these times, we’re working to ensure our seniors find comfort. Our volunteers and staff are spending time helping connect to their family and friends through Facebook, email, phone, and a variety of other ways. We want to be there for our seniors, even if it is just sitting with them and showing them, we care.

This Friday, The Jewish Pavilion will be holding several Shabbat services where we will talk about the atrocities in Israel and give our seniors an opportunity to express their feelings and connect with others.

One thing you can do is join us.

You don’t have to participate in the discussion if you don’t want to, but just coming and participating in these special Shabbat services will help our elders. Just holding their hands and showing them you care helps tremendously.

We hold Shabbat services throughout Central Florida. Find a time by clicking here and join us.

The Jewish Pavilion stands by Israel and its people and its right to defend itself from evil. Please let us know how we can help you and the seniors in your life during these times of darkness.