Myrna Ossin is a woman of many talents. An author of 10 books and a former high-school Spanish teacher, she is also an avid gardener, painter, and baker who has devoted her life to enriching the lives of others.

When Myrna’s four children were young, she made a pledge to find time for her kids’ schools and her community at large, particularly her Jewish community.

“When my mother was living at the Cascades in Longwood, I’d join her for services,” Myrna says. “Then I asked if they needed help with services.”

Soon, Myrna was bringing delicious home-baked goodies, like her well-loved hamantaschen, to the residents. She found joy in engaging people in mindful and fun activities by volunteering in several senior-living communities served by The Jewish Pavilion.

Always a teacher at heart, she continues to engage seniors by helping them manage finances and learn how to earn money in their elder years. Often, Myrna speaks about the books she’s read, creating an atmosphere for others to contribute and share their stories. Also, an avid gardener, Myrna has been known to bring plants to residents because she believes everyone should have something to care for.

No doubt, Myrna takes having fun seriously. Her dedication to seniors through her volunteer work at the Pavilion is well known.

“Myrna has been active with The Jewish Pavilion for all 16 years of my tenure,” says Nancy Ludin, the Pavilion’s CEO. “She always goes the extra mile. I’ve asked her to cook for the seniors and for Jewish Pavilion events probably a hundred times during those years, and she has always said yes. There have been times when Myrna was leaving for vacation or returning from vacation, and she still baked for our organization. She’s a very generous and compassionate woman.”

Busy though she is, Myrna has stayed true to the pledge she made long ago: finding time for the Jewish community she so passionately loves.