Board of Directors

We are so thankful for the support and time each of the individuals below provide to The Jewish Pavilion. We could not be successful without them.

If you are interested in serving on The Jewish Pavilion board, please reach out to Nancy Ludin today.

Executive Team

Jane Edelstein

Jane Edelstein, Chair

Elliott Davis 400

Elliott Davis, Immediate Past Chair

Russell Goldberg, Treasurer

Ursula Cutler Head shot

Ursula Cutler, Secretary

Jason T. Mendelsohn, Vice Chair

Mike Cohen

Michael Cohen, Vice Chair

Lisa Eichenblatt

Lisa Eichenblatt, Vice Chair

Miller_Scott 250

Scott Miller, Legal Advisor

Board of Director Members

Lee Adler Headshot

Lee Adler

Marlene Adler Headshot

Marlene Adler

Sammy Goldstein

Carina Borkon

Mike Brown

Kevin Colley

Ken Davis 300

Ken Davis

Cindy Gray

Bryce Daub

Sammy Goldstein

Sammy Goldstein

Cindy Gray

Cindy Gray

Levitt, Noreen

Noreen Levitt

Levitt, Noreen

Carly Olson

Faye. Novick

Rebecca Posnanski

Matt Rosenthal

Matt Rosenthal

Elise Schilowitz

Geanne Share

Shira Spector Headshot

Shira Spector

Samantha Taylor

Samantha Taylor

Toby Vandemark

Paul Stenzler, Emeritus Director

Barry Kudlowitz, Emeritus Director

Faye Novick, Emeritus Director